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Surgical reduction Or Non-surgical procedure

Surgical Reduction of Arms by Laser liposuction is a safe and simple procedure. The procedure is done under a specialized form of local anesthesia, letting the individual be aware and experience the results on a moment-to-moment basis. The surgery is ‘ala carte’ to the individual’s choice and satisfaction. This is followed by laser skin tightening (achieved only through liposuction by lasers) takes care of sagging skin.

The entire procedure is repeated on the other side. Being conscious and happy with the laser liposuction, one walks to the recovery room and goes home after  a few hours with a detailed set of instructions on after care, follow up, do’s and don’ts, pressure garments, exercise, diet, etc.,

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Non-surgical arms reduction, where fat deposits are moderate, is achieved by various technologies that include Endermologie, Thermotherapy, Radio Frequency and lasers. These systems help in lymphatic drainage and fat cell disruption, causing volume reduction. The skin laxity is corrected by laser skin tightening. The Neocollagenesis in the dermis layer caused by stimulation causes further skin retraction.

Non-surgical Lipolysis are spread over 4-5 sessions which may at times extend 1 or 2 sessions more depending on individual variations and the results expected. One need not wait till the end of the Lipolysis procedure to see the results, as one may experience steady change following every session.

Non-surgical lipolysis methods do not require any down-time. One may resume normal activities immediately, including driving and cooking.

Embrace the Advantages of Arm Lift Reduction

Choosing arm lift reduction can open the door to numerous benefits. Apart from enhancing the shape and tone of your arms, it can contribute to better body proportions and a significant boost in self-confidence. At Silkee, we pride ourselves on being one of the best arm lift hospitals and costs in Chennai, delivering top-tier care without straining your finances.

The ideal candidates are adults grappling with significant upper arm skin laxity, those who maintain a stable weight and have realistic expectations.

No untoward risks have been reported.

The results of arm lift procedures are generally long-lasting. However, maintaining a stable weight and a consistent exercise routine can help extend the results.

Dr Sreelatha - Your Trusted Guide

Dr. Sreelatha, a distinguished cosmetologist, has years of experience performing arm lift reductions. Her commitment to delivering the highest standard of care and achieving optimal patient results sets her apart.

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