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Silkee's Butt Reduction: The Path to a More Proportionate Figure

Properly sized butts contribute to aesthetic beauty and when it is enormously big, it leads to so many inconveniences:

  1. Spine is unable to rest on the bed/surface, while lying down
  2. Walking is difficult
  3. When it extends to hips, the gait appears duck-like

Grade I does not require any correction and Grade II-IV lend themselves best to laser liposuction.


Surgical reduction of butts by laser liposuction is a safe and comfortable procedure. The laser liposuction procedure is done under a specialized local anaesthesia called Tumescent Anesthesia that lets the individual be awake and experience the results on a moment to moment basis. The surgery is ‘tailor- made’ to the individual’s choice and satisfaction. Liposuction is followed by laser skin tightening that takes care of the sagging skin. Side effects such as bruising and edema are less comparatively with other methods of liposuction. Laser liposuction procedure causes neo-collagenesis, that helps in dermis stimulation leading to good skin retraction. Blood loss is minimal and high volume of fat can be removed in one session safely . laser liposuction selectively destroys only the fat cells and spares the supporting structures  of the skin, conserving the elasticity of the skin in the treated areas. Being conscious and happy with the laser liposuction procedure, one walks to the recovery room and goes home after few hours with detailed set of instructions on after care, follow up, do’s and don’ts, pressure garment, diet and exercise.


Non-surgical butt reduction is achieved by various method that include Endermology, Radio Frequency, EMS, Thermotherapy and lasers. These systems help in lymphatic drainage and fat cell disruption, causing volume reduction. The ensuing skin laxity is corrected by laser skin tightening.

The neocollagenesis in the dermis layer caused by stimulation causes further skin retraction. Non surgical lipolysis is spread over 4-5 sessions which may at times extend few sessions more depending on individual variations and the results expected. One need not wait till the end of the procedure to experience the results. One experiences butt size reduction with every session.

The advantage of non-surgical lipolysis methods is, it does not involve any down time. One may resume normal activities immediately without disturbing any schedule.

Recovery period is within 24 hours

Adults struggling with oversized butts and carrying realistic expectations are ideal for butt reduction. It’s essential to have a detailed discussion with your doctor to understand the potential outcomes of the procedure.

There are no risks associated with the procedure, especially when carried out by an experienced medical professional like Dr. Sreelatha.

The results of butt reduction are generally long-lasting. However, maintaining a stable weight and a consistent exercise routine can help extend the results.

Dr Sreelatha - Your Trusted Guide

Meet Dr. Sreelatha. A seasoned cosmetologist, she has guided numerous patients towards a more proportionate figure. Her expertise and commitment to patient care make her a trusted navigator on this journey. With years of experience performing butt reduction, she is committed to delivering the highest standard of care and achieving optimal patient results.

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