Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment in Chennai

Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment (Periorbital Hyperpigmentation)

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation manifests as dark circles around the eyes. The periorbital skin is thinnest skin in the body 0.5mm thick, compared to 2mm in other areas.

Multiple factors behind its causation

  • Familial/ Constitutional
  • Atopy [Rubbing due to itching leads to hyperpigmentation]
  • Lack of sleep
  • Loss of collagen [Due to both natural aging and premature aging]
  • Contact dermatitis [Around eyes leads to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation]
  • Excessive eye strain [Due to tailoring, embroidery and computers]
  • Dehydration [Temporary]
  • Anaemia
  • Vitamin B 12 Deficiency
  • Eye make-up ( rubbing during make up removal)
  • Dry skin ( causes both hyperpigmentation and fine lines)


In anemia, it presents as pale skin allowing the blood underneath the skin to become more visible and appear darker. With aging, skin loses collagen, becomes thinner and more translucent.


  •  Serum infusion using cyanocobalamin and vit C is the safest and gives rewarding
  • Laser therapy
  • HA fillers
  • Moisturiser to avoid and treat under eye dryness
  • Antihistamines in atopy.

There are nil risks or side effects associated with the procedure.

The results of Under Eye Dark Circle Treatment can be enduring, especially when complemented with a healthy lifestyle and regular skincare routine.

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