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About Silkee - One of the India’s Best Cosmetology Clinics

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With a rich history of delivering exceptional cosmetic procedures since its establishment in 2006 by Dr Sreelatha, the Silkee Clinic specializes in cosmetic laser surgery in Chennai, India. Silkee’s unwavering dedication to providing safe, comfortable, and effective cosmetic treatments has been its defining characteristic since its inception.

As one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in her field, Dr Sreelatha has over two decades of experience and extensive training in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Through her research on obesity and liposuction, she has gained a deeper understanding of various aspects of cosmetic surgery.



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Our Values and Aspirations

What We Stand For

We’re in the business of beauty – but not just the kind you see. We’re about the beauty that lives inside you, the kind that lights up your eyes when you look in the mirror and love what you see.

As one of India’s best cosmetology clinic, we stand for the cyclical nature of inner and outer beauty. We believe that by enhancing the outer, we can touch the inner, fostering a sense of self-worth that leads to a radiant life. At Silkee, our vision is to contribute to a world filled with contented people, where skin radiance is a reflection of a radiant life.

We recognize that the desire to be appreciated, to be seen, is a universal human trait that transcends societal divisions of class, creed, and status. The power of looking good, of feeling beautiful in one’s own eyes, is transformative. It instils a sense of self-esteem that elevates the spirit, fostering a confidence that radiates outward, touching every aspect of life and paving the way to success.


Our values are rooted in the belief that beauty is a holistic experience, a harmonious blend of the physical and the psychological. We strive to enhance both, believing that a radiant skin is a testament to a rejuvenating mind. Our team is committed to fostering this sense of well-being in everyone we encounter us one of the best cosmetology clinics in Anna Nagar, Chennai.


Our philosophy is simple yet profound: to make people happy and self-confident about their looks. We believe that the transformative power of beauty should be accessible to all, not just a select few. We are committed to fostering a state of psychological well-being in everyone we meet, helping them feel good about their appearance and, by extension, their lives.

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