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We offer Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine services that enhance your beauty. Silkee offers a full range of treatments and products designed to enhance natural beauty and improve your overall appearance.

Beautiful woman dermatologist doing ultrasound facelift smas lifting

Laser Facelift

Happy middle aged caucasian woman making facial massage

Wrinkles and Fine lines

The doctor-cosmetologist makes the procedure Microcurrent therapy of the facial skin of a beautiful, young woman in a beauty salon.Cosmetology and professional skin care.

Skin Rejuvenation and Lightening

Improvement lips with injection special preparation.

Lip Augmentation

Closeup of hairy female armpit

Under Arm Sweating

stretch marks on female legs

Stretch Marks Removal

Asian young female stress looking mirror have dark eye circles

Under Eye Dark Circles

Close up of cosmetic botox injection


Beautiful lady doing filler injections for nasolabial folds


Chemical Peel Face Treatment with Retinol Serum.


under eye bulge

Under Eye Bulge



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